CHRISTIE’S – Jeff Koons : One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank




‘I’m wanting to connect with the biological and the intuitive by going inward. I’m trying to have a dialogue with the intuitive self. It’s completely intimate and it’s right there just hovering, it’s like an embryo in the womb and at the same time it represents everything.’

Jeff Koons


there is this one as well

These vids are getting more and more elaborate. Of course they have the funds to produce such videos. Yet they show, in a nutshell, how expensive artworks are being presented on the Western-global secondary market, how they are given a presence, a voice via other, associative images and voices. The idea of giving authority is present, with Jeremy Irons reading Bacon’s words. The proposed repeated coming to life of an artwork is compressed into 3 minute promotional/educational videos. Discourse around the artwork is made interesting, animated via editing techniques and vivid or grave imagery or words. The focus in the Christie’s vid is brith, the ball as egg as symbol of life; in the Sotheby’s it’s on feeling the depth behind Bacon’s interpreted by Irons. Not just being cynical here; the vids are interesting artefacts in themselves.