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CHRISTIE’S – Jeff Koons : One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank




‘I’m wanting to connect with the biological and the intuitive by going inward. I’m trying to have a dialogue with the intuitive self. It’s completely intimate and it’s right there just hovering, it’s like an embryo in the womb and at the same time it represents everything.’

Jeff Koons


there is this one as well

These vids are getting more and more elaborate. Of course they have the funds to produce such videos. Yet they show, in a nutshell, how expensive artworks are being presented on the Western-global secondary market, how they are given a presence, a voice via other, associative images and voices. The idea of giving authority is present, with Jeremy Irons reading Bacon’s words. The proposed repeated coming to life of an artwork is compressed into 3 minute promotional/educational videos. Discourse around the artwork is made interesting, animated via editing techniques and vivid or grave imagery or words. The focus in the Christie’s vid is brith, the ball as egg as symbol of life; in the Sotheby’s it’s on feeling the depth behind Bacon’s interpreted by Irons. Not just being cynical here; the vids are interesting artefacts in themselves.

GANTZ – 奥 浩哉 Hiroya Oku (2)

The second scene is from volume  36. It’s another existentialist moment where some Gantz players/warriors encounter ‘the Truth’ a statuesque, super intelligent being. They are encouraged to ask questions.

The scene is remarkable for the design of two the Truth figures. The inside of the figure is constantly shapeshifting; heads of creatures and alien races emerge and morph into in/famous humans (Ghandi, Betthoven, Hitler; but also Bill Gates if I’m correct and scientist Stephen Hawking). Is it to make the cryptic statements more accessible for humans to understand?

again, Japanese reading direction.







GANTZ – 奥 浩哉 Hiroya Oku (1)

Gantz by Hiroya Oku was published between 2000-2013 and comprises 37 volumes, each containing over 200 pages. It’s a massive, basically insane science fiction drama. Acts of over the top cruelty are matched by exceptional acts of courage. Emotions and actions are amplified, intensified. The scene below is taken from volume 30 (plus a couple of pages from volume 29), fairly near the end of the manga. It shows a group of humans arriving at the alien mothership.

They don’t know what to expect or what destiny awaits them on board. The armed character in black clothing is Kei Kurono, a protagonist, who is looking for his girlfriend Tae.

fyi the pages below are in Japanese reading direction, top to bottom and right to left.



Gantz v29 c319 - 18[Whatever]Gantz v29 c319 - 19[Whatever]Gantz v29 c319 - 20-21[Whatever]Gantz v29 c319 - 22[Whatever]Gantz v29 c319 - 23[Whatever]Gantz v29 c319 - 24-25[Whatever]

Gantz v30 c320 - 003Gantz v30 c320 - 004-005Gantz v30 c320 - 006-007Gantz v30 c320 - 008-009Gantz v30 c320 - 010Gantz v30 c320 - 011Gantz v30 c320 - 012Gantz v30 c320 - 013Gantz v30 c320 - 014Gantz v30 c320 - 015Gantz v30 c320 - 016Gantz v30 c320 - 017Gantz v30 c320 - 018Gantz v30 c320 - 019Gantz v30 c320 - 020Gantz v30 c320 - 021Gantz v30 c320 - 022Gantz v30 c320 - 023Gantz v30 c320 - 024Gantz v30 c320 - 025Gantz v30 c320 - 026Gantz v30 c320 - 027Gantz v30 c321 - 029Gantz v30 c321 - 030-031Gantz v30 c321 - 032-033Gantz v30 c321 - 034Gantz v30 c321 - 035Gantz v30 c321 - 036Gantz v30 c321 - 037Gantz v30 c321 - 038Gantz v30 c321 - 039Gantz v30 c321 - 040Gantz v30 c321 - 041Gantz v30 c321 - 042Gantz v30 c321 - 043Gantz v30 c321 - 044Gantz v30 c321 - 045Gantz v30 c321 - 046Gantz v30 c321 - 047Gantz v30 c321 - 048Gantz v30 c321 - 049Gantz v30 c321 - 050Gantz v30 c321 - 051Gantz v30 c321 - 052Gantz v30 c321 - 053Gantz v30 c322 - 055Gantz v30 c322 - 056Gantz v30 c322 - 057Gantz v30 c322 - 058Gantz v30 c322 - 059Gantz v30 c322 - 060Gantz v30 c322 - 061Gantz v30 c322 - 062-063Gantz v30 c322 - 064Gantz v30 c322 - 065Gantz v30 c322 - 066-067Gantz v30 c322 - 068Gantz v30 c322 - 069Gantz v30 c322 - 070Gantz v30 c322 - 071Gantz v30 c322 - 072Gantz v30 c322 - 073Gantz v30 c322 - 074-075Gantz v30 c322 - 076Gantz v30 c322 - 077Gantz v30 c322 - 078Gantz v30 c322 - 079Gantz v30 c323 - 081Gantz v30 c323 - 082-083Gantz v30 c323 - 084Gantz v30 c323 - 085Gantz v30 c323 - 086-087Gantz v30 c323 - 088Gantz v30 c323 - 089Gantz v30 c323 - 090Gantz v30 c323 - 091Gantz v30 c323 - 092Gantz v30 c323 - 093Gantz v30 c323 - 094Gantz v30 c323 - 095Gantz v30 c323 - 096Gantz v30 c323 - 097Gantz v30 c323 - 098Gantz v30 c323 - 099Gantz v30 c324 - 101Gantz v30 c324 - 102Gantz v30 c324 - 103Gantz v30 c324 - 104-105Gantz v30 c324 - 106Gantz v30 c324 - 107Gantz v30 c324 - 108Gantz v30 c324 - 109Gantz v30 c324 - 110Gantz v30 c324 - 111Gantz v30 c324 - 112Gantz v30 c324 - 113Gantz v30 c324 - 114-115Gantz v30 c324 - 116Gantz v30 c324 - 117Gantz v30 c324 - 118Gantz v30 c324 - 119Gantz v30 c325 - 121Gantz v30 c325 - 122-123Gantz v30 c325 - 124Gantz v30 c325 - 125Gantz v30 c325 - 126Gantz v30 c325 - 127Gantz v30 c325 - 128Gantz v30 c325 - 129Gantz v30 c325 - 130-131Gantz v30 c325 - 132-133Gantz v30 c325 - 134Gantz v30 c325 - 135Gantz v30 c325 - 136Gantz v30 c325 - 137Gantz v30 c325 - 138-139Gantz v30 c325 - 140Gantz v30 c325 - 141Gantz v30 c325 - 142Gantz v30 c325 - 143Gantz v30 c325 - 144Gantz v30 c325 - 145Gantz v30 c325 - 146Gantz v30 c325 - 147Gantz v30 c325 - 148Gantz v30 c325 - 149Gantz v30 c325 - 150-151Gantz v30 c325 - 152Gantz v30 c325 - 153Gantz v30 c325 - 154-155Gantz v30 c326 - 157Gantz v30 c326 - 158-159Gantz v30 c326 - 160Gantz v30 c326 - 161Gantz v30 c326 - 162-163Gantz v30 c326 - 164-165Gantz v30 c326 - 166-167Gantz v30 c326 - 168Gantz v30 c326 - 169