SAM LEWITT – Stored Value Field Separators

Artist: Sam Lewitt
Venue: Miguel Abreu, New York
Exhibition Title: Casual Encounters
Date: November 9, 2014 – January 11, 2015

Installed in the gallery’s original location at 36 Orchard Street are a series of Stored Value Field Separators, works comprised of surplus magnet platters taken from hard drives during the process of their destruction in e-waste processing facilities. For these works, stored value cards, such as loyalty and credit cards, were collected from various people involved in inviting Lewitt to participate in exhibitions (including the artist himself), and inserted into the segments of the stacks. The magnetic-media in the cards used to transmit user data is made inaccessible by the adjacent magnetic forces radiating from the hard drives, creating a feedback loop of energies based on canceling and erasure rather than storage and transmission.


33_SLewitt_CasualEncounters_MAG_2014_36Orchard_Install_01 36_SLewitt_CasualEncounters_MAG_2014_36Orchard_Install_02 37_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs22_2014_96x3x2in_SL1113-Straightened 38_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs22_2014_96x3x2in_SL1113_detail 39_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs13_2014_146x3x2in_SL1109 40_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs13_2014_146x3x2in_SL1109_side 41_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs13_2014_146x3x2in_SL1109_detail 42_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs23_2014_72x3x2in_SL1142_side 43_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs23_2014_72x3x2in_SL1142_detail 44_SLewitt_StoredValueFieldSeparator_svfs12_3x60x2in_2013_SL1108_23