LUCY SKAER – Sticks & Stones

Artist: Lucy Skaer
Venue: Murray Guy, New York
Exhibition Title: Sticks & Stones
Date: January 10 – February 21, 2015

The original object (made up of materials, prototypes and samples from the artist’s former New York studio) is replicated into a new copy in a different material. Each sculpture is a copy of its predecessor, not of the ‘original.’The nature of the sculpture is translated into a new embodiment, a metamorphosis of form.

The series is a pathway towards abstraction. Copies made of ceramic, marble, aluminum, and veneered wood, are lined up one after another, each replicating its predecessor as closely as possible without denying its individual materiality. No images are used as intermediaries. Each copy is crafted by hand and eye from its precursor. While the discrete sculptures never fully detaches from being a representation of its predecessor, abstraction exists as a tension.

Sticks & Stones embodies paradoxical strategies of transformation and sequence, recalling Gertrude Stein’s logic: “Everything is the same except composition and as the composition is different and always going to be different everything is not the same.”

01_LS_MG_15_401_LS_MG_15_1 02_LS_MG_15_3 03_LS_MG_15_2 04.LS_Mahogany 04.LS_Mahogany01 05.LS_Ceramic 05.LS_Ceramic01 06.LS_Marble 06.LS_Marble01 07.LS_Aluminum 07.LS_Aluminum01 08.LS_Veneered-Wood 08.LS_Veneered-Wood01