K.R.M. MOONEY – En, Set

Artist: K.r.m. Mooney
Venue: CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art
Exhibition Title: En, Set
Date: June 25 – August 1, 2015

The artist asserts sculpture’s capacity as assemblage in the chemical sense: the works push forward the alchemical properties of materials by conceiving of them as migrants, fluid and unordered forms that pass through, inside, around, and near each other, thereby becoming of each other. In that way, they perform acts of attachment, in the physical, chemical, sculptural, architectural, and also affective senses of the term. Mooney’s sculptures are physical incarnations of difference—fractured forms that disrupt and unrest existing systems of legitimacy, authority, autonomy, and use.

02_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_5901_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_57 02_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_61_02_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_65_ 02_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_64_04_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_62 03_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_60 06_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_58 07_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_46 08_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_48 09_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_30 10_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_27 11_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_10 12_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_09 13_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_08 14_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_07 15_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_04 16_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_03 17_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_36 18_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_32 19_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_01 20_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_02 21_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_17 22_Wattis_Mooney_5-2015_18