Artist: Cameron Rowland
Venue: Essex Street, New York
Exhibition Title: Bait, Inc
Date: April 3 – 27th, 2014

At the frontier of capital, where it serves the fewest, risks of exchange are immediate. Security anticipates the violence of trickle-down. The normalization of security devices is predicated on their ability to retain property. Extra-legal acquisition of property is integral to the subsistence of the outside. As such, criminality is weighted against the poor. Quotas drive racist enforcement of law, binding criminality to both class and racial positions of the outside. “In arrangements reminiscent of the convict lease system, federal, state, and county government pay private companies a fee for each inmate, which means that private companies have a stake in retaining prisoners as long as possible and in keeping their facilities filled.”5 Criminalization protects the current distribution of property, by “propertizing”6 those who attempt to evade this distribution.

Bait, Inc is an empty entity. It was filed with the NYS Department of State on 02/13/2014, File Number: 140213010254; DOS ID: 4529454, under section 402 of the Business Corporation Law. Bait, Inc meets the minimum requirements for status as a Community Development Entity under the New Markets Tax Credit program. An application is pending for the approval of Bait, Inc as a CDE.


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