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KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA – シドニアの騎士 Season 1

A nice adaption of Tsutomu Nihei’s manga. Knights of Sidonia is an existential military narrative, close to Space: Above and Beyond and Battlestar Galactica.

The few thousand surviving humans live on a massive ship named Sidonia. See the sketch below how Sidonia is structured.


I took some screenshots from season 1, the second season will be released on Netflix etc. on July 3, 2015

_2_sid1_ _2_sid1- _2_sid3 _2_sid4 _2_sid7 _2_sid9 _2_sid12 _2_sid13 _2_sid14 _2_sid15 _3_sidonia_3 _4_sidonia_1 _4_sidonia_5 _4_sidonia_9 _4_sidonia_91 _4_sidonia_93 _4_sidonia_94 _4_sidonia_96 _4_sidonia_97 _4_sidonia_99 _4_sidonia_object1 _6_sidonia_2 _6_sidonia_3 _7_sidonia_1 _7_sidonia_4 _8_sidonia_3 _8_sidonia_4 _10_sidonia_1 _10_sidonia_3 _10_sidonia_6 _10_sidonia_7 _11_sidonia_1 _11_sidonia_4 _11_sidonia_5 _11_sidonia_6 _12_sidonia_1 _12_sidonia_5