Towards Science Fiction Painting (1st version)

Towards Science Fiction Painting (sf-p)
1v 06/2014 M B Gasser

sf-P takes on/appropriates/mirrors/alludes to/thinks through/etc. images, themes and reflections from SF (or related) films, novels, essays etc.

sf-p proposes ideas and visions through images (paintings in this case). Look for hidden signs and allusions: enter the internal maze-struture.

sf-p will always honour the masters of SF Illustration and Concept Design, all those who depicted and continue to depict strange new worlds & infrastructure.

sf-p believes in intelligent design for problem solving in the 21st c. Even if it is not design itself, it is in favour of it.

sf-P is oriented towards ‘the future’, while continually researching past forms, ideas, concepts. It proposes a layering and convergence of instances of time (p as time-travelling propositions).

sf-p is messy, rationally-weird (quantum rational), non-linear, oxymoronic in its visual vocabulary. De Chirico remakes his paintings. Picabia as sf-p maker with a Promethean dream spirit. Then traces of Dada. Dada transformed. But charged-as-ever Dada. Unrelentless Dada.

sf-p is experimental (trying to avoid the word ‘speculative’), scientific from the other side. Experimental not only in terms of p-style, but also in its approach to source material and research material. Experimental thinking applied to p, following its own, constantly reconsidered, revisioned logic.

sf-p is dream painting. Paul Nash. Leonora Carrington. sf-p is exploring the collective unconscious. The future is dreamed first. By the multitude, a common structure.

sf-p believes in repetition, in building and re-building. Virus-like, infiltrating, altering, is beside itself, shows the other, the maximally other. But structure, megastructure, The Thing like, evolving, changing, adapting, imitating, T-1000-as-painting, strange devices and machines (Picabia again), spaceships, worlds, planets, associative, potential, accelerated, misappropriating, beyond left-rigth dichotomies, untraceable, towards new institution-building, towards WG-structures, in the spirit of Garry Davis, the Kardashev-scale, Musil, JBS Haldane, Nikolai Fyodorov, the re-activation of past images and lives, is Labour of the Inhuman (Negarestani), re-adapting and re-considering, beyond technology, aimed towards magic, beyond u-/dystopia, Tsutomu Nihei, etc. (being updated)

sf-p is Promethean painting for the 21st c. It is made in a spririt of engineering the future.