We find ourselves in a labyrinth
Made of corporations – nation states – museums
We find ourselves in a labyrinth
Made of corporations – nation states – museums
History brought us here — it was history that brought us here
A long – intricate series of coincidences that we now call history
A long – intricate series of moments – encounters – constellations that make what we now name and name history
Coincidence ———–
A liquid – unexpected – stratum ——— another attempt here —————–
Try and error – try and error – try and error
Take and lead
Take and lead the term
into the term that is history
A term – as history – to be re/assembled —
through designed slow motion
We then find ourselves in a labyrinth
That we call o
That we call ours
To become o—————————
Rebuilding a simpler/more complex labyrinth
Incorporating ourselves – this time – into its shape
Bypassing – products of history –
To touch – instead – the forming strands.
Stepping outside the term
That is history
Outside – into another inside
Approach the far end of the imaginable
We will inhabit the museum
This museum
Beyond nation states
Beyond types
Beyond language
Beyond corporations – kind of
We will sink into images
of our conception
Images we create – have created – will
History will not be
History will not be a term anymore
Because it will not find any application beyond itself
A museum – like none before – constantly adding parts – evolving
A megastructure
This museum
Our place
Shared – into/with time and space
Sleeping terms
By just stepping aside and into images that describe themselves
The end of history – like nothing before/we heard/
A beginning – of course – to what end —